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~*~ Sir Arthur Currie ~*~
~*~General Information*~*


Sir Arthur Currie

Sir Arthur Currie was born in 1875 at Napperton, Ontario
He was a part of the First Canadian Division and fought at the battles of Ypres and Saint Julien, Knighted by King George V in 1917.

Career of Sir Arthur Currie:
Served in the Canadian Militia before World War 1
Was sent to Europe at the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914,
Appointed commander of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade 1914, he was also the commander of the 1st Canadian Division 1915, Commander of the Canadian Corps 1917, Currie was an Insurance broker and a estate agent before war broke out.
Currie was promoted GOC Canadian Corps with the elevation of Sir Julian Byng to command of Third Army in June 1917. He was the first Canadian to be promoted to General rank during the war.