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~*~ Sir Arthur Currie ~*~
~*~Facts & Passchendaele~*~


Currie was the recipient of various other honours, including Commander of the Bath.
During the war Currie served as inspector general of the Canadian militia and, from 1920 as Principal and Vice Chancellor of McGill University until his death on November 30th 1933.
Curries opinion of the key for success for Passchendaele was to provide enough support at all times for the assaulting infantry.
The weather conditions were a big factor, huge amounts of mud slowed down the Canadians, Currie was determined to keep his troops alive.
Currie was vehemently opposed to General Douglas Haig, Haig insisted on sending wave after wave of men into certin death, and Currie did his best to win battles with such a strategy.
Currie was responsible for the win at the battle of Vimy Ridge in April, 1917, He was also successful at Passchendaele later in the year, but at the cost of
16 000 men.
Currie refused to carrie out Haigs orders at Canal du Nord in September of 1918, to attack across a canal and into a fortified German trench.